How to find reliable used boring machines?

A boring machine is a power machine that is used to drill or enlarge an existing hole. Its two main types are horizontal boring & drilling machine and the vertical boring & turning mill. The three types of horizontal boring machine are table, floor and planar. The table machine is also called the universal type due to its versatility. The horizontal type machines are high precision machines that are used industrially for heavy-duty purposes. As these machines can be quite expensive, companies and individuals who want to buy them prefer to buy used ones because they are more affordable. Although many individuals are looking for cheap and durable machines, they may not know how to find reliable used boring machines and this article helps out on that front.

A note on finding used boring machines with

So many companies and shops claim to sell used boring machines but only a few can guarantee their reliability. When purchasing a second-hand machine, it has to be reliable other they buy may be wasting his/her money. Listed below are four ways on how to find reliable used machines:

1. Shop around

There are no two ways about this. Find several shops that sell the type of boring machine you are looking for and make a comparison of the prices and age of the machine.

2. Ask for service history of the machine

It is advisable to buy your machine from people who deal specifically with machine and power tools like Ask for service history of the machine in question and ask a lot of questions regarding why it is being sold.

3. Take an inspect to inspect the machine
How to find reliable used boring machines?
If you are not an expert on machines, bring along a machine technician to advice before you buy. This way, you ensure that you get a reliable and working machine.

4. Follow forums and read reviews

Read online forums and product reviews from the industry experts such as These experts will guide you in the right direction and will see to it that you end up with a reliable machine.